Intensive Care Unit:

We provide 24 hrs emergency services with the backup of a fully equipped state of the art ICU. 15 Bedded Adult ICU and 10 bedded NICU is equipped with bedside Multi-Para Monitors having facility for cardiac monitoring pulse oxymeter, Ventilators, noninvasive (NIBP) and invasive BP monitoring (using an arterial line), CVP, respiration and temperature monitoring, Defibrillator, Crash Trolley with all emergency equipment and drugs, syringe pumps. Strict disinfection and antibiotic rotation protocols are being followed. There is 1:1 patient to staff ratio. The ICU is manned by ICU trained staff nurses. The round the clock ABG facility is available with laboratory backup, bedside X-ray ECG, Sonography & 2D-Echo facilities are available.
A number of seriously ill patients suffering from Acute MI, Arrhythmias, CHF, Shock, Septicemias, Polytrauma, Thrombotic Stroke, Cerebral Venous Thrombosis, Status Epilepticus, Diabetic Emergencies, Serious Electrolyte Imbalance and Anaphylaxis have been successfully treated in our ICU routinely.The survival rate has been excellent and is attributable to the skills dedication and positive attitude of our ICU team.
The Neonatal and Pediatric ICU are well equipped with Ventilators, Incubators including transport Incubator, Open Air and Radiant Warmers, Multipart Monitors, Central Oxygen Supply and Central Suction, Photo Therapy and Infusion Pumps. The routine procedures carried out include Central Lines. Arterial Lines, ICD, Exchange Transfusion both central and peripheral partial exchange transfusion, CPR of new born, L.P. new born ventilator care and total parental nutrition.
The Neonatal and Pediatric ICU has successful record of MAS, Neonatal Sepsis , Hyperbilirubinemia and ensuring survival of babies born exceptionally underweight (1KG to 2.5KG).
Though state of the art care is being provided and protocols followed yet economy is given due consideration. The ICU stay of patients is kept to a level just necessary for the patients.